Sunday, September 11, 2011

Show and Tell Dates:

Come see me at these junk-tastic events!!

  • Roxton Texas- September 24th!!
  • Paris Antique Fair- October 28th- 29th
    • This will be a fabulous show complete with a bootscootin' prom Friday night so get out your boots and vintage dresses girls!
  • Funky Finds- Fort Worth, Texas- November 12th- 13th

Growin' Roots...

It's time that my vintage soul joined this century so I've decided to hop on the saddle and create a blog. I hope this new ride will be worth my trouble of setting this blog up. So now that it seems to be kickin' along, I have decided to make my first post and introduce myself. My name is Ashley Burns Crim and I am the designer and creator of Texas Trash jewelry. I like all things vintage and retro and I'm pretty sure I was meant to live in a different time period. I'd prefer the wild west days where Texas was still untamed and cowboys were Texas Rangers. I'd like to believe I was part owner of a saloon myself or at least danced in one. Anyways, back to reality.... my jewelry is custom made from vintage jewels, trinkets and baubles. I hope you enjoy this blog as it will be my diary on this journey.
As my mother, aka my best friend, and I travel all of Texas looking for vintage treasures, we will be totally modern traveling in "Sin on Wheels" a 1968 retro Shasta. This project may be the death of my poor daddy and husband, but they never know what kind of "trash" my mother and I will haul home. When our precious trailer makes more progress in her restoration, I will post more pictures.