Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Tea

When I was growing up, my mother kept my world very sheltered as if my life were a fairy tale and tea was an every afternoon affair. She let me dress up in fancy dresses and use the fanciest vintage china. This tradition is still alive and I'm so blessed to share all of these precious moments with the women in my family who have shaped me and who have taught me to appriciate all things old, even vintage teacups.

Here is the beautiful setting my mother put together for our lovely afternoon Valentine tea.
My mother wore beautiful vintage lace dress with tall white gloves.
She even had heart shaped, cucumber sandwiches. 
The tea party would not be complete without vintage hats and Texas Trash jewelry to wear.  
(From left: Joyce, Grandmother Ginger, Grandmother Patsy, Linda, and my dearest mother.)

Happy Valentine's Day to all.
xoxo- Ashley

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Redesign, Repurpose, Reinvent...

Do you ever find yourself swimming in a sea of vinatge photos, jewelry, slips, lace, baubles, bliss? I do quite often. In fact, I have so much "junk" I was beginning to loose track of all my precious finds. Re- organization was my goal and I nailed it, just as Watchdog report nailed Miss Mona and the Chicken Ranch.  Now my art studio is my one sanctuary of holy s*#t!
My heart actually skips a beat when I look at this- pure happiness!!

A gal can never have too much jewelry. Mama's philosphy for life, "big hair, big teeth, big jewelry."

All the redesigning, repurposing, and reinventing paid off for my new studio. It's a business doin' pleasure with you.

"Slip" into something more vintage and a little more southern. Y'all come see me in Fort Worth and Waxahachie in March!!