Thursday, February 9, 2012

Redesign, Repurpose, Reinvent...

Do you ever find yourself swimming in a sea of vinatge photos, jewelry, slips, lace, baubles, bliss? I do quite often. In fact, I have so much "junk" I was beginning to loose track of all my precious finds. Re- organization was my goal and I nailed it, just as Watchdog report nailed Miss Mona and the Chicken Ranch.  Now my art studio is my one sanctuary of holy s*#t!
My heart actually skips a beat when I look at this- pure happiness!!

A gal can never have too much jewelry. Mama's philosphy for life, "big hair, big teeth, big jewelry."

All the redesigning, repurposing, and reinventing paid off for my new studio. It's a business doin' pleasure with you.

"Slip" into something more vintage and a little more southern. Y'all come see me in Fort Worth and Waxahachie in March!!

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