Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sin on Wheels!!

I am so excited to finally post these pictures of "my little slice of heaven on earth". After months and months of re- inventing, painting, restoring and cursing..... my daddy made all my dreams come true. Don't all southern girls dream of living in a trailer, especially a pink one? I absolutely wouldn't mind leaving the modern world and traveling the Texas backroads with a scarf tied in my bouffant hair and Tanya Tucker on the radio.

It wouldn't be complete without a hot pink chandelier and a leopard print set of deer antlers.

All southern sinners need a saint to help remind them that "Bless your Heart" is the worst curse you can give someone.
Pink guitars and roadside bars.... look out Texas, here I come!! See ya'll around.

Friday, November 18, 2011

ETSY Holiday Vintage Marketplace

Christmas shopping finished yet? This vintage piece is made from an old rhinestone brooch, vintage pearls, and a retro clock face. Is it midnight Cinderella?
This was my beautiful Aunt Betye's vintage slip dress. I loved the crimson color so I added a bit of vintage lace and a velvet flower pin. Ohh pure bliss!!
Looking forward to my next upcoming show in Arlington. This show is put together by a group of ETSY members in the Dallas area, ETSY is one of my favorite websites for one -of -a -kind shopping so I can't wait to see all the fabulous finds there!! Click on the link below and come out and see me on December 9- 10!!
ETSY Vintage Marketplace

Monday, November 14, 2011

Funky Finds Fall 2011 Show- Fort Worth

I'm so excited to post a few pictures from this past weekend. I had a Grand Ole Opry time with my mom, nanny and my two favorite soul sisters!! My vintage slip dresses were a  hit!! Whoever said undergarments only can be worn under your clothes was seriously mistaken!! Just put one of these on with one of my brothel coin necklaces and cowgirl boots and you would fit in perfect at Miss Mona's chicken ranch. (note: google "chicken ranch" if unsure about brothel houses in Texas history)

Paris Antique Fair

A big THANKS to Janet Green from Two Rivers Antiques in Paris, TX for putting together the first annual Antique Fair. There were so many great vendors set up and it was a huge success! My "sin on wheels" vintage trailer made her first public outing and she was a hit!! My soul sisters and I had to take a few tin types in the trailer before we went bootscootin' at the Two Rivers' Two Steppin' Prom. *Note how we are holding up our role models, I'd sell my soul to the devil himself to meet Dolly or Loretta!!

Here's a great photo of my vintage booth at the Paris Antique Fair.
And another fabulous picture of me with my Texas Trash gal pals!! Tara Swain had a great photo booth set up at prom and we couldn't resist having our picture taken.

Monday, October 24, 2011

This is the end of the blacktop, Sunday dinner at Mama's, Main Street dancin' little town of Roxton, Texas. This is where my last jewelry show took place on September 24th. I was welcomed by the most classy ladies whom get together to quilt and sew most every week. This is the kind of place that makes you want to kick of your boots and sit a spell. The show was part of their Saturday Night Main Street held once a year. After the show, bands played and folks danced in the street and listened to conversations about what's really important in life.

Meet Big A, he has the best Friday night fish buffet in town!! He was the host of Roxton Idol where folks gathered to eat fried catfish and listen people sing their hearts out for a chance at winning the pot!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Show and Tell Dates:

Come see me at these junk-tastic events!!

  • Roxton Texas- September 24th!!
  • Paris Antique Fair- October 28th- 29th
    • This will be a fabulous show complete with a bootscootin' prom Friday night so get out your boots and vintage dresses girls!
  • Funky Finds- Fort Worth, Texas- November 12th- 13th

Growin' Roots...

It's time that my vintage soul joined this century so I've decided to hop on the saddle and create a blog. I hope this new ride will be worth my trouble of setting this blog up. So now that it seems to be kickin' along, I have decided to make my first post and introduce myself. My name is Ashley Burns Crim and I am the designer and creator of Texas Trash jewelry. I like all things vintage and retro and I'm pretty sure I was meant to live in a different time period. I'd prefer the wild west days where Texas was still untamed and cowboys were Texas Rangers. I'd like to believe I was part owner of a saloon myself or at least danced in one. Anyways, back to reality.... my jewelry is custom made from vintage jewels, trinkets and baubles. I hope you enjoy this blog as it will be my diary on this journey.
As my mother, aka my best friend, and I travel all of Texas looking for vintage treasures, we will be totally modern traveling in "Sin on Wheels" a 1968 retro Shasta. This project may be the death of my poor daddy and husband, but they never know what kind of "trash" my mother and I will haul home. When our precious trailer makes more progress in her restoration, I will post more pictures.