Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Wow! What fun we've had over the past few weeks traveling to Fort Worth and Waxahachie. I met so many new friends and saw some of the most talented artists and decorators in the Lone Star State. "Pinky" (aka my little pink trailer) was the belle of the ball at Petticoats on the Prairie  in Waxahachie. Here are a few pics from the shows.
Yes that is Jezebel all dressed up. 
Now all I can do is count down the days until Mother Dearest and I travel to Round Top, Tx for antique week and junk prom. This has been a famous mother- daughter trip for the past several years. I can't wait to hook up "Pinky" and put some Loretta Lynn on the radio. All my stress will disappear as soon as I see this old sign. 
I'll put on my vintage dress and cowboy boots and dance underneath those big Texas stars. 
Here are a few pictures from proms of the past. 
"Praise the Lord, Hallelujah. There is nothing more exciting than junk prom in the Lone Star State."

Y'all should join us for prom. Visit Gypsyville for more info!! 

xoxo- Ashley

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Virgins, Saints, and Sinners....oh my!

Come one and all out to Waxahachie this weekend. We won't judge you  for bein' a sinner, heck I'm a little trashy myself. So whichever you choose to be (virgin, saint, or sinner), I have a necklace for you.

And for those of you sinners who choose to be a brothel inspector, don't forget your cuffs.

Get your mind out of the gutter, I meant bracelet cuffs.

xoxo- Ashley

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'll fly away on a sin wagon...

"So Jezebel, are you gettin' all gussied up for the upcomin' Texas Trash shows?"
"I'm not gonna let them high falootin hootin' annies show me up Ellie- Mae."

It's that time again, Spring, time to fly away and travel the Texas highways showin' off what I think is "gooder'n grits". I hope to see all y'all out at Funky Finds, Fort Worth this weekend. Then follow Jezelbel and Ellie- Mae down the road to Waxahachie for the Petticoats on the Prairie show.

As featured in the Flea Market Style magazine.

much obliged!
- Ashley xoxo