Thursday, February 13, 2014


I honestly think I was born in the wrong time period. I dream of bouffant hair, classy white gloves, Sunday afternoon tea parties, and lemonade on a Southern porch. Sometimes I catch myself racing about my days trying to catch up with emails, phone calls, social media and catching a bite to eat through a drive through. 
As fast as all the technology is now, how is it that we still find ourselves barely having enough time for enjoying the best parts of life? 

Inspired to live a slower life style…….take this week's challenge.

 Day 1: Bake something from scratch.
Day Two: Make a milkshake or glass of sweet tea and enjoy it outside. 

Day 3: Take time to remember and appreciate service attendants. Ughhh! I hate pumping my gas and forget washing the window. Who has time for that? 

Day 4: It's okay to wait in line sometimes and I don't mean the drive through line. Get out and talk to people. After all, you never know who you might meet or how you might make their day a little better. 

This is why I love Texas Trash Jewelry with all of my being. It is my slow time. It's all created from beautiful vintage baubles that are a small piece of the "good old days". Each piece I make takes time, careful thought, and a bit of creativity.  Texas Trash feeds my soul.

Not everything in life has to be AUTOMATIC. The best things in life, are the things you've waited for. 

My inspiration this week came from this new song, "Automatic". 


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Viva Las Vegas

Sometimes you just need to jump on a jet plane and get away. I've always heard good girls go to heaven and bad girls go to Vegas… 

Although we did see Elvis, I don't think he has aged well. 

And I'm petty sure I was a showgirl in a past life because I just wanted to dress up in all the pretty costumes. 

Old Vegas was phenomenal…. absolutely beautiful!

I couldn't wait to shop all the vintage and retro stores. They were filled with the most fantastic finds. 

I picked up a few of these retro gambling chips and decided to make a few trashy necklaces with them. 

Are you feeling lucky?? 

I can't wait to go again.. hopefully this summer! 


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Trashy Pinups

I had the best time this summer with Jme from CherryBones Photography taking these amazing pinup pictures. She used my little pink trailer, slip dresses, and jewelry in the pictures!! They turned out precious. Here are a few behind the scene shots....
Me wearing an original Texas Trash necklace and my grandmothers dress from the 60s.

Fun in the sun.....

Tiffany from Smokin' Hot Makeup doing what she does best..

Original Texas Trash necklace....

Girl talk....

Texas Trash original slip dress. 

Pink Ruffle Chaps....Bang Bang!
Thanks to the Cedar Chest in Paris, TX for providing the backdrop!!

Yours truly posing on the retro motorcycle. 

Texas Trash original necklace...
Don't miss your chance to participate in the next shoot. Jme is coming to our show, PiNkAlIcIouS, in April. Email her to reserve your spot!! 


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Great Divide

Can I just tell you that this Texas girl loves OKLAHOMA!!! This summer I went to OKC to the incredible Junk Hippy Roadshow and had a blast!! Junk Hippy is one of the best shows that I have participated in. I will be back in OKC on October 5!! So Oklahoma vs. Texas- you decide.

The first stop on our road trip included the Tornado victims in Moore, OK. Texas Trash was able to make a donation to the people there. The devastation in this town is heartbreaking to say the least.

I was shocked at the vendor booths at this show- simply amazing!!! Can't wait to go back!! 

So if you decide to head to OKC on October 5, 2014. Be sure to head to Bricktown and visit the Whiskey Girls bar. Great food, drinks, and a really good time.

See y'all soon!!
xoxo- Ashley

Monday, May 20, 2013

Repurposed Parts

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving." - Albert Einstein

This is exactly how I feel these days. I must keep moving to be successful. Anything you encounter in life that's worth having, requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and a VERY SUPPORTIVE FAMILY. Recently I purchased a jewelry display from Brandy Evans at Pocket Full of Heirlooms. It was a fabulous piece made from a  vintage bicycle seat. I decided I needed more of these fabulous stands and the hunt was on for creative pieces to put together.

My Dad had a friend who restores amazing retro and antique bicycles. We went to his house to dig through his barn looking for salvage pieces. I was shocked by the supply in his barn. 

Loved this turquoise one!

The coolest part was his 1929 Chevy that still runs like a dream.
So we hit the backroads for a country spin. You definitely view the world a little slower and sweeter in this ride.

He was very generous is helping me fill my request for bicycle parts to display my repurposed jewelry.

 Here is another idea I found on Pinterest for a display idea.

I'm proud of the way my display pieces turned out. Thanks Daddy for taking ideas and turning them into works of art.

Any other ideas for creative jewelry displays? 

xoxo- Ashley